Colgate Mouth Washes plax 500 ml clean mint

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غسول الفم كابيتانو,أضرار بيتادين غسول للفم,تعقيم الفم,كيفية استخدام غسول الفم,طريقة استخدام المضمضة

Product Overview

Colgate Plax Mouthwash Fresh Mint

You can now buy the best mouthwash with the smell of mint from Colgate Plax, which gives a 10-fold result thanks to Colgate's unique formula and reduces germs and soothes the mouth and its smell, as well as eliminates bacteria and effectively prevents the formation of tartar, it is the best mouthwash that preserves the teeth and protects the mouth from The infection can be purchased now through the pharmacy com store, which contains many medical and therapeutic products for the oral and dental Colgate brand, which is the introduction to this lotion, which helps eliminate bacteria that are difficult to reach toothpaste.

Benefits of Colgate Mint Wash

  • Helps reduce germs.
  • Alcohol free so you don't feel the burn.
  • Gentle on the mouth, gums and tongue.
  • It gives you fresh breath thanks to the mint scent.
  • 12 hour protection from bacteria and germs

How to use the mouth rinse (Colgate Mint Mouthwash)

This rinse is used after washing the mouth and teeth, and it is used twice daily after brushing.