Bodyboom Coffee Body Scrub Coconut - 100 Gm

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Body Boom

Product Overview

- Body Boom coffee scrubs helps to reduce toxins in the skin, cellulite and signs of ageing.

- Provide a dose of hydration and nutrition to smooth and moisturize your skin.

- Each pack is filled with coffee which is natural exfoliant designed to smoothen the skin. 

- Enriched with Macadamia, Argan and sweet Almond oils.

- Contains pure Himalayan salt that is full of minerals and antioxidants.

- Effectively removes dead skin and make it silky smooth.

- Contains vitamin E to help support the skin health.

Cruelty free.
100% Natural Ingredients.

How to Use
1- Wet your body with water.
2- Apply scrub into your body, gently rub it in circular motion.
3- Leave scrub on your body for 3-5 minutes.
4- Rinse and enjoy the results.