Beurer Foot Spa FB20

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Product Overview

Foot Care At Home

Gentle Vibration Massage

Bubble Spa Footbath With Foot Reflex Massage

Soothing Infrared Light Dots

Removable Massage Roller Attachments For Foot Reflex Zone Massage

3 Exchangeable Pedicure Attachments With Practical Hanger

Massage-Supporting Footbed

Can Be Used For Dry Massage

Removable Splash Protection

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Cord Winder

Approx. 120 W



3 Function Settings:

Vibration Massage

Bubble Massage

Water Heating


How To Use:


Start-Up • Remove The Packaging • Check The Device, Power Supply And Cables For Damage. • Before Plugging In The Footbath Fill It With Warm Water No Higher Than The Level Indicator (Approx. 5–6 Cm). The Foot Rest Should, However, Be Completely Covered With Water. • Now Plug The Device Into The Mains Power Supply. • Route The Cable Safely So That There Is No Risk Of Anyone Tripping Over It. • Place The Foot Bath On A Firm And Level Surface. Make Yourself Comfortable In A Chair And Place Your Feet On The Foot Rest And Apply Slight Pressure. Never Stand Up In The Foot Bath. The Rubber Feet On The Base Of The Unit Prevent It From Sliding. Switch On The Footbath By Pressing The Button And Set The Desired Function: Vibration Massage. Press The Massage Button (2) To Switch On Vibration Massage. The Footbath Starts To Vibrate. Place The Soles Of Your Feet On The Massage Nubs And Increase Or Reduce The Pressure For The Desired Massage Effect. Bubble Massage: Press The Bubble Button (3) To Feed Air Onto The Bubble Bar For A Soothing Bubble Massage. Timer: You Can Set The Desired Time (20–60 Minutes) With The Timer Function. Press The Timer Button (4) To Extend The Time Another 10 Minutes. The Timer Is Factory-Set To 20 Minutes. The Footbath Switches Off 1 2 3 4 A B C 5 6 7 8 11 9 10 1 2 3 5 6 4 14 Automatically Once The Set Time Has Expired. Maximum Duration Is 60 Minutes. Allow The Footbath To Cool For At Least 15 Minutes Before Using It Again. Temperature: The Display Shows The Current Water Temperature. To Change The Temperature Press And Hold The Temperature Button (5) Until You Have Set The Desired Water Temperature (35, 38, 42, 45, 48 °C). The Most Pleasant Temperature Is In The Range 35–42 °C, The Maximum Temperature Is 48 °C. The Temperature Is Factory-Set To 35°C. Magnetic Field And Infrared: The Footbath Has 6 Magnets And 8 Infrared Lights Integrated Into The Bath. They Promote Your Circulation And Stimulate The Reflex Zones. Massage Roller: You Can Experience A Special Massage Effect By Moving Your Feet Back And Forth On The Six Massage Rollers Integrated Into The Bottom Of The Footbath. The Massage Rollers Can Optionally Be Removed By Pulling Them Firmly Upwards. Removable Attachments: Place The Desired Attachment On The Holder In The Centre. Press The Attachment Lightly Down With Your Foot To Activate The Electric Motor. The Brush Attachment Can Be Used To Stimulate The Reflex Zones In The Soles Of Your Feet. The Massage Attachment Provides A Soothing Massage For Your Feet And Promotes The Circulation. The Corn And Callus Remover Is Used To Remove Dead Skin Cells And Calluses.


Warning And Cautions:


The Unit Is Only Intended For Domestic/Private Use, Not For Commercial Use. • This Device May Be Used By Children Over The Age Of 8 And By People With Reduced Physical, Sensory Or Mental Skills Or A Lack Of Experience Or Knowledge, Provided That They Are Supervised Or Have Been Instructed On How To Use The Device Safely, And Are Fully Aware Of The Consequent Risks Of Use. • Children Must Not Play With The Device. • Cleaning And User Maintenance Must Not Be Performed By Children Unless Supervised. • If The Mains Connection Cable Of This Device Is Damaged, It Must Be Disposed Of. If It Cannot Be Removed, The Device Must Be Disposed Of. • If Water Leaks From The Appliance, The Appliance Should No Longer Be Used. • The Device Has A Hot Surface. Persons Insensitive To Heat Must Be Careful When Using The Device.

Switch The Device Off And Disconnect The Power Supply After Every Use And Before Every Cleaning.

• Keep The Device Away From High Temperatures.

• Never Stand In The Foot Bath.

• Do Not Place Feet Or Objects On The Filled Foot Bath. This Weight Might Cause The Foot Bath To Fold Up

And Water Could Escape.

• The Device Must Not Be Connected To The Power Supply While Being Filled.

• Always Switch The Foot Bath Off And Remove The Plug From The Mains Socket Before Moving It

Or Cleaning It.