Beaver Professional Damage Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner - 350 ml

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Product Overview

Gives your hair a smooth, shiny finish from the roots to tips thanks to the infusion of Argan Oil. Beaver Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner works on soothing dry, damaged hair to leave it soft, manageable and noticeably smoother. The formula is safe for color-treated hair and also is free from sulfates and parabens.

How to use:

After shampooing, squeeze your hair to remove excess water and the spread the conditioner evenly over damp hair. Massage it well from the roots to the ends. When finished, rinse the hair well with water.


Argan oil infused damage repair conditioner for damaged hair and Has antioxidants that penetrate hair shafts resulting in soft, silky and shiny hair. It is free from parabens and sulphates so and restores hair vitality, nourishing hair from root to tip.

Why you will love it:

It is perfect for repairing dry and sun-bleached hair, and caring for hair damaged by colouring and straightening.