Beauty Formulas Illuminating Moisturizing Cream Papaya & Orange 100 ml

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Product Overview

Beauty Formulas Illuminating Cream A nourishing moisturizer carefully created with extracts of Papaya, Orange and Ginseng. A moisturizing complex that works to regulate water loss and reinforce the skins own natural protection against dehydration.


– Papaya: A source of natural Enzymes and AHA’s, traditionally used to help brighten and renew.

– Orange: Fruit extract full of vitamins providing a natural Anti-Oxidant guard against damaging free radicals.

– Ginseng: Extracted from the root, it is renowned for its reviving and energy supporting properties due to its Phytonutrient content.

How to use:
Massage gently into the skin using small circles until completely absorbed. Can be applied to the face, neck, and hands or any other particularly dry areas. Use daily or as required. Avoid contact with eyes.