Balsem Gosok Javi Green Balm 20 G

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Product Overview

20g Balm Gosok Javi Green Balm Herb Cream Reliefmenthol Ointment


Dizziness, Common Cold, Muscle Fatigue, Arthritis, Sprains, Nasal And Breast Congestion, Motion Sickness And Itching Due To Insect Bites.


It Is For Treatment Of Influenza, Cold, Headache, Dizziness, Motion Sickness, Sea-Sick, Mosquito Bite, Insect Sting, Light Burn. It Is Good For Relieving Pain In Acute Bruise, Or In Muscle Bloating And Pain At Waist, Back, Shoulder And Neck For The Cause Of Stenuous Exercises. It Is An Excellent Insignificant For Rheumatic Joint Pain, And Is Particularly Effective To Relax And Loose The Bone And Muscle Of The Athletes Before Competition And Remove Fatigue After Competition.

How To Use :

Apply Some Balm To The Affected Parts. For Headaches, It Should Be Applied To The Temple And Behind Neck, It Would Be More Effective If Rubbing The Affected Parts Gently. While At Work Or Traveling, Bring Some On The Temple And Around The Nostrils, It Would Make You Feel Refreshing And Become More Energetic. It's Good For Outdoor Use.