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Baby Foot

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Japanese Baby Foot Group ... (an integrated program for foot care)
Specifically created and formulated to remove cracks, roughness and layers of dead skin from your feet, moisturize them and make them smoother and more supple.
1- Baby Foot Exfoliating Socks to return as soft as a child's feet, and contain a mixture of 17 types of fruit acids in addition to a mixture of natural extracts.
2- Baby Foot emollient gel (free of alcohol and oils) It is recommended to use it during the peeling period (7-10 days) because it facilitates the peeling process and works to soften the skin so that it is not tight during the peeling phase and you feel comfortable.
3- Baby Foot Socks Intense Moisturizing Socks contain a mixture of natural herbal extracts that give your feet intense moisture.It can be used as part of Baby Foot's foot care program after gel (that is, after the peeling phase has ended), or used separately for intense moisturizing of feet Dry.
4- Baby Foot Shea Butter Cream, it is highly recommended to use it after the completion of the peeling (or after wearing the intensive moisturizing socks) once-twice daily to moisturize the feet and maintain their smoothness for a longer period.

Usage steps:
Getting started with the first product in the Baby Foot range which is the exfoliating socks (red socks).
1- Soak the feet in warm water for 5 minutes - then dry them - so that the pores of the skin are opened.
2- Wear the exfoliating (red) socks for only one hour or two hours maximum if the skin is very dry and cracked.
These Baby Foot socks contain a mixture of fruit acids and this is the active ingredient that works to exfoliate the skin and dead skin.
3- Remove and dispose of the exfoliating socks, wash and dry the feet, to remove any remaining fruit acids on the feet.
** The peeling process will start automatically within 2-3 days and will continue for 7-10 days approximately.
During this week (during the peeling process) it is not recommended to use any creams or moisturizers so as not to impede the peeling process, it is only recommended to use Baby Foot Gel because it helps in two things; Firstly, it facilitates the peeling process, secondly, it softens the skin so that it is not tight during the peeling phase and you feel comfortable and not tightening the skin of the foot.
** Once the peeling is over (after 7-10 days), it is recommended to use Baby Foot Intense Moisturizing Socks (blue socks that contain a mixture of natural extracts, and are only worn for 15-30 minutes.
** It is recommended to use Baby Foot Cream with wonderful Shea Butter once or twice daily on a daily basis (for months or years) to moisturize the feet and maintain the results and softness of the feet for long periods.
Enjoy soft feet like babies with the integrated Japanese Baby Foot set.