Avene Sun Screen Spray SPF 50 200 ml

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Product Overview

 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ Protection
• 24-Hour Hydration
• Maximum Water Resistance Up To 80 Minutes
• Sheer, Lightweight Spray Formula
• Perfect For All Skin Types And Tones
• 360° Controlled Application - Even Upside Down!

How To Use:

Hold Container (Upright Or Inverted) 4 To 6 Inches From The Skin To Apply. Do Not Spray Directly Into Face. Spray On Hands Then Apply To Face. Do Not Apply In Windy Conditions. Use In Well-Ventilated Area. Apply 15 Minutes Prior To Sun Exposure. Reapply Every Two Hours Or After 80 Minutes Of Swimming Or Perspiring And Immediately After Towel Drying.

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