Avalon Alpha Plus cream 30 g +Bepanthen Lotion 200 ml 20 % Discount

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Product Overview

Offer of Avalon Alpha Plus Cream 30 gm + Bepanthen Lotion 200 ml 20% discount

You can now enjoy the offer of Avalon Alpha Plus Cream 30 gm and Bepanthen Lotion 200 ml, in addition to a 20% discount when you purchase through Sidalih.com store, which offers various medical and treatment products for major brands, including the Avalon Pharma brand that produces these products that support the growth and renewal of the skin from Inside, it moisturizes the stressed and dehydrated skin and calms it from redness and inflammation.

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Benefits of Bepanthen Lotion 200

  • Treating redness and sunburn
  • Erase traces and treat light burns
  • Moisturizing rough areas on the skin such as on the hands, elbows and feet

Benefits of Alpha Plus Cream 30gm

  • Treating the problem of spots and tan.
  • Lightening sensitive areas.
  • Skin whitening exposed to the sun.
  • Soothe dry parts of the body.

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