Atache Excellence Advance Cream Anti Aging and Wrinkles 50 ml

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Product Overview

It Is An Exceptional Anti-Aging Treatment Around The Clock. It Works Intensively To Help The Natural Skin Rejuvenation Cycle, Providing The Extra Support Needed For Deep Regeneration And Revitalization After Several Uses. Wrinkle Wrinkle Removal Cream Contains An Innovative Blend Of VitaSource, A Botanical Extract That Works To Protect And Repair The DNA Of Skin Cells. This Anti-Aging Cream Also Contains Soy Peptides, A High-Purity Collagen, Softness And Softness Of Skin And Youth. At The Same Time, It Gives A Calming Effect To Reduce Fine Lines And Reduce The Depth Of Wrinkles To An Amazing Degree. Atach Cream Also Contains Ceramide And Is A Restorer Of The Skin's Fat Barrier. It Helps Prevent Water Loss, Restores Balanced Skin And Moisturizes The Skin From The Depth. As Well As High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Which Helps To Enhance The Skin Moisturizing Perfectly To Improve The Flexibility And Size And Remove The Effects Of Wrinkles. Exfoliation Cream Is Used Once A Day On The Face, Neck And Upper Chest On Clean, Dry Skin And Massage Until Full Absorption.


Caution: You Should Consider The Use Of Products Suitable For The Type Of Skin, Whether Dry Or Mixed Or Fatty And If The Skin Is Sensitive Or Normal Because The Use Of A Product Is Not Suitable For The Skin Type May Cause Undesirable Effects On The Skin And If Not Know The Type Of Skin Or Product Appropriate Advice Consult The Pharmacist Before Buying Products.


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