American International Lab L- Arginine Power 60 Capsules

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Arginine is an amino acid that plays a major role in several of your body's functions. Like all amino acids‚ it’s an essential building block for all proteins. These proteins are structural components of tendons‚ muscles‚ and tissues; they perform indispensable functions by serving as enzymes for your metabolism.

Furthermore‚ arginine is specifically involved in the hepatic synthesis of urea (a metabolic protein waste product)‚ muscle metabolism‚ the synthesis of nitric oxide (which promotes blood flow to various organs)‚ DNA synthesis (which supports repair and healing processes)‚ immune system support. Arginine also supports the secretion of hormones.

It’s regarded as a semi-essential amino acid. Unfortunately‚ your natural production of arginine may not be sufficient at times when your body requires more: this may be due to stress‚ surgery‚ trauma‚ infections‚ or active growth phases in newborns and young children. Lack of arginine may lead to muscular weakness‚ poor wound healing‚ constipation‚ and liver problems. Its influence on blood flow may also support cardiovascular health.

L-Arginine by Douglas Laboratories provides 500 mg in each capsule. L-Arginine is the bioavailable form of this amino acid‚ which is most easily absorbed by your body. If taken at the recommended dose of one capsule per day

At a low dose‚ arginine supplementation is usually quite safe. However‚ ask your doctor before starting to take L-Arginine if you suffer from any serious medical conditions.