Ameera London Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil 100 ml

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Product Overview

Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil By Ameera London Is 100% Organic, Rich In Rejuvenating Vitamins A And E And Essential Fatty Acids, And Hydrates Skin, Hair And Nails. Extracted From The Nut Kernels Of Argan Trees In Agadir, Morocco, This Luxurious Argan Oil Reduces Dryness, Encourages Moisture Retention And Protects Skin And Hair From Pollutants, Chemicals And Sun Damage.

Origin Of Argan Oil

Morocco Is Infamous For The Production Of Argan Oil. It Is A Plant Oil Which Is Extracted From The Kernels Of The Argan Tree. Its High Levels Of Vitamins Make It Beneficial For The Internal, And Most Importantly, External Use Of The Body. Moroccans Traditionally Use Argan Oil As A Remedy For Skin Diseases And As A Cosmetic Oil For Skin And Hair.

Benefits Of Argan Oil

Everyone, Especially Women, Understand The Struggle Of Damaged Hair, Dry Skin And The Emergence Of Spots. Tropical Looking Hair, As Well As Soft And Flawless Skin, Is The Universal Goal That Every Woman Aspires To Achieve. Ameera London's Liquid Gold Is 100% Organic, Enriched With The Benefits And Vitamins That Are The Solution To The Nightmare Of Bad Skin And Brittle Hair. The Main Reason For Argan Oil To Be Such An Effective Remedy Is Due To The Vitamin A & C It Exhibits. It Is Also Enriched With Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Linoleic Acid And Anti-Oxidants Which Means, When Applied To The Skin, It Simultaneously Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory Ointment And A Moisturiser. It, Additionally, Contains Tocopherol Which Accelerates Cell Production Whilst Enhancing The Healthiness Of Your Hair And Skin. It Is One Powerful Golden Elixir!
For Detailed Benefits, Please Refer To The Chart In The Image Section.

How To Use

Moisturise: Tap Gently Around Your Entire Face And Pay Special Attention To The Area Under Your Eyes. For Best Results, Apply The Oil Immediately After Bathing. Apply Two To Three Drops To Moisturise Dry Skin And Soften Wrinkled Areas.

Efoliate: Rub Three To Four Drops Of The Oil Over Your Body. Allow Warm Water To Run Over Your Skin For Two To Four Minutes. Scrub Over Your Skin In A Circular Motion And Rinse. It Is Recommended To Exfoliate At Least Once A Week.



Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil).

Net Wt.: 100 Ml