Adidas Deodorant Spray Women Get Ready 150 ml

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Product Overview

  • Inspired by the Brazilian way of life and the beauty of Brazilian women
  • adidas get ready anti-perspirant spray is a unique blend of happiness, dance and freedom.
  • This anti-perspirant offers long-lasting protection and care, so that you stay fresh and dry at all times.
  • Designed to meet the specific needs of women, adidas get ready anti-perspirant spray offers reliable 48-hour protection against wetness and a burst of energy and freshness on every application.
  • With its unique cool & care formula and the addition of emollients, this anti-perspirant effectively protects the skin and keeps sweat and body odor at bay. Full of colorful, exotic fruity and floral notes
  • it provides a joyful fragrance, which reminds of bursting promenades of ipanema or amazon's untamed expanse.
  • For women who feel the beat of samba in their hearts and the happy spirit of Brazilian streets.
  • Get ready anti-perspirant spray gives a burst of energy and freshness to celebrate the love of life the way Brazilians do and protection that is needed to feel the comfort.