Adidas Deodorant Spray Women Fun Sensation 150 ml

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Product Overview

  •  Fun Sensation perfumed deodorant spray is a joyful, fruity floral fragrance
  • inspired by everyday optimistic attitude and unconditionally positive outlook on life.
  • Fun and trendy, adidas Fizzy Energy perfectly blends sweet, fruity notes with more tangy, energetic aromas.
  • As an addictively fruity floral fragrance, adidas Fun Sensation radiates a sense of exhilaration and true joy.
  • The composition features the juicy fruitiness of raspberry granita, infused with pink pepper and a tangy touch of lemon.
  • The floral notes of sweet rose and glamourous violet are underscored by juicy, yet also sweet lychee. Additionally, sensual sandalwood brings added dimension to warm amber and delicate musk, creating a sparkling and attractive signature.
  • Designed for active, optimistic women, adidas Fun Sensation body spray is perfect if you want to enjoy the live on the spur of the moment and dive into it without ever holding back.